Why SUB60?

We get it done.

Point to point & everything else.

Group strength.

Being part of the Freightways group means that we have the resources to offer you a suite of courier services to meet your needs. SUB60 is part of the Freightways Group of Companies along with:

New Zealand’s first point to point service.

Our history.

SUB60 was formed in 1982 and is one of the largest nationwide on demand point to point courier companies in New Zealand.

Our success is driven by our excellent team of people, our customers and the ability to adapt and grow with your changing needs.

That is why today’s businesses trust it to us.

Historic fleet of minis and courier drivers in suits.

What others say about us.

Customer testimonials.

“SUB60 has provided Johnson & Johnson with a reliable consistent service for the last 10 years meeting their expectation of speedy delivery and improved patient outcomes...
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Johnson & Johnson
“The fridge solution is an innovation and we are now replicating it throughout Australasia.”
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Benjamin Vernon
Transport Manager
"We used to send 4 chilly bins to a location, with 4 chances to get something wrong. Now we only send one bin on a standard price, which is much easier to track and create...
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Faith Taylor
Technical Head
“Great communication – as soon as there’s a delay, they email straightaway to say there’s a delay of xx minutes, always keeping us up to date with how an item is.....
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Christine Jeffries
Mail Distribution Centre Manager
“We started using SUB60 at the beginning of 2018 and trialed deliveries with them for a while. The Service from not only the couriers but also the customer..
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Samantha Kooiman
Customer Service & Logistics

Need a courier now but don’t have an account?

Phone us on 0800 4 SUB60 and we’ll get it sorted in under two minutes.

Courier call centre staff member takes a call.
customer signs for courier delivery with his finger on smart phone app.

Simple new freight portal.


We’re always looking to make your life easier.

Whilst we do all the things you would expect us to do like GPS tracking and proof of delivery, now with our new website we have launched a simple new freight portal called OnePoint which easily manages your bookings.

Helping out all over New Zealand.

Community support.

SUB60 supports community causes and events on a regional bases.

We reinvest in our local community by supporting youth sports teams, local rotary organisations and sponsorship of events that benefit underprivileged children and members of the community in need.


SUB60 are proud supporters of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

We recognise that sponsorship is vital for the lifesaving services that Westpac Rescue Helicopter offer to the community and so SUB60 is pleased to do our part to support this important work. Also it’s reassuring knowing that there is emergency support for our drivers who spend a lot of their time on the road.


Freightways are proud to be associate partners of KidsCan.

We quickly discovered we shared similar philosophies around caring for and supporting whānau in our communities that may need help. 305,000 Kiwi kids live in hardship through no fault of their own and with KidsCan’s support, Kiwi kids become more engaged in their education so they can have a better chance of reaching their full potential by providing food at school, raincoats, shoes and socks, and basic health items.

We are proud to support KidsCan. You can too. Donate here

Sub60 Couriers sponsor the Westpac rescue helicopter.

 More than passion.


Health and safety

As a company we are literally moving in multiple directions at any one time. Health and Safety is of the highest importance to us. It is our job to ensure our staff and courier drivers are safe at all times while out on the road. It’s all about making sure everyone gets home healthy and safe at the end of the day.


Being a company that has drivers on the road all day 24 hours 7 days a week it is important to minimise our impact to the environment. CEMARS™ or Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme is a great programme that we are a part of to reduce our emissions.

We are pleased and proud to say we are a CEMARS™ certified company and place a great emphasis on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions when delivering items nationwide and internationally.


At SUB60 we aim to have a low ACC rate by looking after our employees. If our employees are injured, then they can’t be out on the road collecting and delivering your items. So we place great care on a safe working environment so that all of our employees are as safe as they can be.

Dangerous Goods

We carry dangerous goods on a daily basis. Ahead of other courier companies we carry Class 8 DG’s including batteries and ammunition. You can know with us your dangerous goods are delivered safely without any risk to you, our workers or the public.

Business Excellence

Established in 1992, the New Zealand Business Excellence foundations was founded by public and private enterprise to improve the overall performance of the New Zealand organisations. The Foundation has evolved into what is today a membership base organisation that provides support, training, tools and resources, to support New Zealand organisations to achieve world-class levels of performance.

Risk Management Programme

RMP certification gives our customer the confidence that SUB60 can safely move any animal material and products for human or animal consumption.